In Loving Memory of Bryan Raymond Burch

Transcript of Reading by Medium Candis Coffee, March 22, 2004

Eternal Flame Bryan R. Burch Eternal Flame

March 17, 1980 - January 9, 2004

The following transcript is the exact copy of a reading done on the internet with Candis Coffee on Monday night, March 22, 2004. Although Candis read for me the other night, we did not tell her who we were ... originally this session was scheduled for Mike's sister who wanted to connect again with her dad. Due to last minute changes, she was unable to attend, so Amberly took the session with Candis. I sat by to help with any validations she might need during the session. Candis' comments will be in blue, our responses or comments will be in green, and side notes (validations or clarifications) will be in parentheses or in brown. These side notes will be for the purpose of clarifying or validating the comments being made.


Amberly was using the screen name Joselen. I changed it to Amberly in the text for ease of reading. After introductions, this is the transcript of the reading with Candis Coffee on March 22, 2004 (edited for ease of reading):

Candis: Hi Joselen!

Amberly: Hello

Candis: Joselen, how did you hear about my work?

Amberly: From a friend

Candis: OK, thanks. Have you worked with mediums before?

Amberly: Sure, I have always been interested in this kind of thing; I used to watch John Edward and have had a couple sessions before.

Candis: So you understand that it is important to avoid giving me too much information. It can interfere with validation.

Amberly: yes I do.

Candis: Just say yes, no, or maybe when you want to respond to me.

Amberly: got it

Candis: One moment. I have a young boy with me for now. Before you arrived, I kept hearing the name Brad -- this was before the presence of the boy now.

Amberly: okay ... the presence now is different? I do not know a Brad.

Candis: Also, just to let you know, Joselen, I have been away from mediumship for a long time

Amberly: That is okay, we can take our time.

Candis: Is it OK with you to just relax with me and see how it goes?

Amberly: Absolutely

Candis: I didn't think the Brad was for you, but I thought I'd check. There is this young, bright energy standing behind my right shoulder. Very sweet. Feels like a boy

Amberly: :-) yes yes ... age range?

Candis: Very happy to be here with us.

Amberly: good I'm happy too

Candis: Let me see. I'm going to see what other information he gives us first. The reason is that when I start to ask about ages/names rather than just receiving them I sort of tense up. I want to see if the age range/name comes to us as part of the session. However,

Amberly: okay, no problem

Candis: Other questions are fine. There's something about names and ages that can get tricky with mediums though I want to get them for you. Do you have any other questions for now?

Amberly: no, not for now.

Candis: He comes across as a solid, card-carrying child, not an infant, bouncing a ball, full of life, roses in his cheeks

Amberly: card-carrying?

Candis: That is a light-hearted way of saying that someone is fully one thing or another. If he carried a business card, it would say "Boy" as his work. His life.

Amberly: No, i do not know a child crossed over

Candis: Ok, let me sit with him a bit.

Amberly: okay

Candis: Well this boy is young then, quite young, the energy feels so new and fresh. A spark of light.

Amberly: could it be a young man?

Candis: It's interesting because there is still a maturity about him as I attempt to communicate with him

Amberly: okay

Candis: I was typing that as you asked your question. He says, "Mom, your present has arrived."

Candis: I get an image of you, at one time, tending to a cut on his forehead.

Candis: He says, "I want to help you."

Amberly: okay

Candis: The reference I heard earlier might have something to do with the author, Brad Steiger.

Amberly: ? not familiar w/ the author

Candis: He writes about mystical things, spirits, ghosts, ufos

Candis: He's been around a long time.

Candis: Not sure why the reference -- he's fun to read, that I know.

Candis: "I want to help you over this hump."

Amberly: wow ;-)

Candis: "We'll do this together."

Candis: Something about a list.

Candis: "I'm a spark of light now."

Amberly: Yes, a list today, yes yes yes (Amberly was working on a list of items to take on her vacation today)

Candis: He says that he was sick.

Amberly: Yes, any details?

Candis: He also says that he chose to go. That you know that.

Amberly: Yes, this i know

Candis: Something about whimpering. Not sure what -- feels like a joking tone.

Amberly: Yes, my dog has a ridiculous habit of whining, he teased her about it.

Candis: "Our last moments together were awesome."

Amberly: Awe

Candis: "Everything that has meaning lasts."

Candis: "Forever."

Candis: He's quite eloquent.

Amberly: Yes, he is

Candis: I am thinking about the way he initally presented himself to me. The energy was so sweet, innocent, and fresh. Very interesting that he chose this rather than to come across, initially, as a young man, which is what most do.

Candis: It was very childlike. Really wonderful.

Amberly: in a lot of ways he was a big kid!

Candis: I'm just curious why he chose to do this because it didn't immediately make sense to you. I loved the feel of it.

Amberly: maybe because we were kids together?

Candis: Could be :-)

Candis: He began to speak with maturity after a moment

Amberly: makes sense

Candis: No, you know, I think that he showed up as he really is now, in his life, energetically.

Candis: It was very interesting to me. And I think I interpreted it as a very young child, but it was more that he hadn't yet shifted into intellect, if you will. Does that make sense? That I felt his pure energy first.

Amberly: Okay, yes i think so.

Candis: Then I connected with his intellect a few minutes later. He very well may exist as pure energy in his experience of reality now.

Candis: It is said that most of us transistion to a state much like human life once we die. But those people who are more enlightened go into a state of pure energy. They bypass that experience, the one that is close to human. I think that can be true of your son. There is a lot to him.

Amberly: Yes, that makes very much sense, he's not my son, but Mom is here too. (he's) my brother, but Mom is here with us.

Candis: Ah, OK. You feel this is your brother now?

Amberly: Yes it is my brother. I do not have a son. Not to confuse you but our Mom is sitting here next to me as we do this.

Candis: I see, OK :-)

Candis: Earlier today I had a Mark with me, and throughout the day, he has appeared. Or at least, the Mar sound.

Candis: Joselen, is there someone you wish to reach, in terms of relationship? Or is the session for your Mother mostly?

Amberly: Crossed over? My brother. I do not know a Mark, could it be a different name?

Candis: Well, like Brad, I decided to mention him because he has been with me all day. I've had a lot of people in spirit here today, I really have.

Amberly: Really for me, I want to connect w/ my brother. Well, that is neat. Please do not hesitate to throw stuff out there. If anything makes sense, I'll let you know.

Candis: All right, I will.

Candis: Feels like cancer but I also get something about pneumonia.

Amberly: Okay, are we switching spirits?

Candis: He says, "I knew what I was doing in life."

Candis: Now I hear something about tobacco, lungs, tobacco,

Amberly: this sounds like my grandpa ... I was hoping to connect w/ him too :)

Candis: "I lived most of my life the way I wanted to."

Candis: "I knew myself."

Candis: This feels like an older man.

Candis: How amazing. I've felt the energy of someone who seems like a bright ball of new light, then a young eloquent man,and now, an older gentleman who is very sure of himself.

Candis: "I had what it takes to make a good life and I did it."

Candis: Something about Western Union. And something about being "blackballed."

Amberly: ?

Candis: A telegram from the past

Amberly: I will check on all of this

Candis: Does any of this fit for you and your Mother, Joselen?

Candis: I see an old, yellowed telegram

Amberly: Not at the moment, I will have to look into it.

Candis: Something about the nineteen-fifties ... like maybe something about McCarthy and black-balling people. Don't know why.

Candis: Now it feels like the young man is back with us.

Amberly: Good... lol

Candis: Something about his jersey.

Candis: This older man, he did not fit your grandfather? Was he involved in something political in the fifties?

Amberly: The pneumonia did, the lung cancer did, I think the rest is too old for me, but I will look into it.

Candis: Yes, look into it and let me know.

Amberly: Yes, definitely

Candis: He may have just had a strong interest in what was happening to people during that terrible time. A strong sympathy for the victims of McCarthy. Now, the young man ... says he was like your grandfather in some ways. Knew his own mind

Amberly: YES!!

Candis: Was this an AIDS related death.

Amberly: No

Candis: A wasting away sort of feel to it

Amberly: That makes sense. (his spirit)

Candis: Well, let me listen more closely. The AIDS was reaching for me ... didn't feel sure at all, but I don't hear what the cause of his passing was ... not yet

Candis: feeble ...he loved life

Amberly: That he did

Candis: Something about his brain

Amberly: ? At the time of his passing, or in general leading up to it?

Candis: I think he is making a joke. That it was really big, his brain

Amberly: Could be ... lol

Candis: And always turned on.

Candis: "They could have studied me."

Amberly: LOL...

Candis: Does that sound like him?

Amberly: Yes, he always was a kidder

Candis: It still feels like a cancer to me, like a leukemia or something, something that ate at him, made him quite ill, quite weak

Amberly: some things make sense, but there isn't really a medical term for it.

Candis: For the thing that took him?

Amberly: yes

Candis: He says that the two of you loved books.

Amberly: Yes, we love books

Candis: He also shows me his arteries and veins. He shows me diagrams of things, like we are in anatomy and physiology and he's a professor. It feels like his heart is damaged too

Amberly: Yes, I got that before ... exactly. I think it is hard for you to interpret. That is exactly what another medium said.

Candis: Like his entire body is affected.

Amberly: He showed her (the other medium, Kat Tucci) veins and anatomy .... That is his way of communicating it. I know it would be very hard to interpret. But that is it! You nailed it.

Candis: He is an elegant person, the way he feels to me

Amberly: Awe

Candis: "I love you," he says.

Amberly: I love him too, and miss him dearly. I have been REALLY missing him lately!

Candis: He is showing me Mick Jagger. I think he is joking, but I'm pretty sure he says he identifies with Mick Jagger. That kind of cool, smart rocker

Amberly: I don't know about that one?

Candis: He may be wanting to convey something else, perhaps the way Mick has gotten so skinny. Not sure. But the image was strong for a moment.

Amberly: His lips? (Amberly had been telling people how when Bryan was healthy, his lips were fuller and that as the addiction progressed, his lips became thinner. She feels this is what Bryan was referring to here)

Candis:Yes, it could be the lips ...

Candis: He says the word, Bunny, like a term of endearment to you Joselen

Amberly: hmmmmm, not for me

Candis: He has the same kind of lips and look as Mick, so it means something to your brother.

Candis: Playing the piano. I'm now hearing Chris Martin of Coldplay sing in my head

Amberly: I LOVE Coldplay. I tried to make him a CD of them a week before his passing. I listen to it EVERYDAY on the trolley

Candis: He's singing Clocks in my head as we type :-)

Candis: Just out of the blue.

Amberly: My favorite! Wow ... that is wild!

Candis: I don't think I'm going to be able to get his name.

Amberly: I wouldn't be surprised that he wouldn't be specific about his name, he hasn't told anyone yet.

Candis: Sometimes I'm good at names and at other times, not. Your relationship feels very close ... like twins ... or twin souls

Amberly: My bestest friend .... I say we were like soul mates!!!! YOU GOT IT! That is what I needed to hear.... Thank You SO VERY much!!

Candis: I think that is going to be all I can get for tonight, Joselen. May I ask what his illness was? Just so I know?

Amberly: Heroin addiction ...

Candis: Is this Bryan?

Amberly: YOU GOT IT!!!!!: How did you get it?

Candis: Well, that must be the Br ... a... ;-) I was getting

Amberly: I am Amberly, we were not trying to trick you or anything. This was originally arranged for my Aunt and Dad's side of the family, but they all backed out at the last minute, so I took their session!

Candis: That's fine!

Amberly: I felt bad doing it, I wanted to tell you at first because you said you are just starting to do this again and I didn't want you to think you were wrong because the spirit was familiar to you. Did you recognize him?

Candis: Only at the last, though the thing is that when I got info that might have related to Bryan I sort of filtered it out. That has been the only uncomfortable thing about my return to the work over the past few days. My concern that people were staying with me from other readings and that I would mistakenly bring their information to the sitter. Once again it was probably a matter of interpretation for me.

Amberly: That is what I was afraid of. I apologize. I'm sure it would have been easier if I had just told you.

Candis: That I should just trust what I get, even if the names are the same from one reading to the next.

Amberly: Oh, I see. Well way to go me!!

Candis: No, I'm glad you did this!! I really am. It's been helpful to me.

Amberly: I made that one worse for you! I am so sorry!

Candis: No, I'm glad, Amberly ... lol ... I really am because it is teaching me to trust what I get no matter what

Amberly: Cool.... I am glad. Now, let's do this on the phone!! We really didn't think Bryan would show up again tonight. Especially because it was originally for my Dad's side of the family to come through.

Candis: Well he did, but the beginning was very interesting ... That he appeared as a bright ball of energy that felt so young to me. It was a wonderful energy.

Amberly: But I am Glad. I needed to hear that he LOVES me, and we really are twin souls. He is a bright ball of energy, did you get the Halo picture my Mom sent you?

Candis: Yes, I did. It was beautiful!

Amberly: Pretty amazing, he took that of himself!

Candis: Grandfather was quite a character, too. So sure of himself. Sweet energy.

Amberly: Yes, he was. I hope to validate the details for you. He is SO sweet and Bryan was much like him in that way.

Candis: Now, I did hear Bryan before the session started, I honestly did. I was preparing for the session and I just thought it was my own mind. Brad, Bryan ... both came to me.

Amberly: Mom said that Grandpa came through the same in both readings w/ communist stuff.

Candis: Oh, that's right.

Amberly: What did you hear from Bryan??

Candis: I was simply getting ready for the session, walking barefoot in cool grass, meditating. I was asking for the person you most wanted to reach to come through. I heard Brad and Bryan. I discounted the name Bryan, and see, I shouldn't have. That was an excellent lesson for me.

Amberly: I'll keep working on the Brad. That would be Beans!

Candis: Yes, I think your Grandfather had feelings about communists, first that he might have killed some. Then that he sympathized with people assumed to be Communists here in the USA.

Amberly: I see. sorry, Beans is Bryan, I gave him that nickname decades ago. I am glad.

Candis: Right, I remember that ... I think your Mom mentioned it.

Amberly: Grandpa was in the War... He would definitely sympathize with people. Is Bryan still here?

Candis: He is still HERE, with you, right where you sit.

Candis: With me, he feels like a warm, loving energy

Amberly: Yes, I just want to know if there are any animals with him on the other side? Might seem silly and trivial but I am curious...

Candis: He has left me, so to speak, with that

Candis: but the thing is that he has not left you

Candis: I am a big animal lover ...they are very important to me

Candis: I only hear something about Bones

Candis: Feels like doggy energy with him

Amberly: like a small doggy?

Candis: I remember hearing that a Sam or Samson was with him the other night ... and you have a cat with a M name.

Amberly: Yes, I am looking for a different dog up there... :-)

Candis: I keep seeing a dalmation. Ah, yes, a yellow lab, right? That is what comes to me. I believe your Mom mentioned him.

Amberly: hmmmm, not that I know of .... That is my Mom's lab,still here. I have a dog on the other side. Someone killed it. I was hoping to get a mention of him.

Candis: OK, hmmmm .................. Well, animal communication is something I practice occasionally. I am VERY sorry to hear about this. It's horribly painful I know. I don't get anything strong at the moment, Amberly, but I might another day

Amberly: Yes, very sad. It was terrible, just terrible.

Candis: doesn't mean that your dog isn't fully alive and well

Amberly: I have been hoping that Beans would bring him up. Oh, well, maybe next time.

Candis: I'm surprised he hasn't ................... how long since it happened? Because I don't feel the dog's energy at all.

Amberly: It happened 3 years ago. Maybe he has already returned to earth as another one of my loving animals!!

Candis: Well, I can say that I feel the energy of a male dog. Very strong dog, protective .. .this one feels like a Rottweiler

Candis: I have many dogs and cats

Amberly: He thought he was a Rottweiler, he lived w/ a Rotty for a while and thought he could take him. He was ridiculously protective. Thanks so very much again, I hope to talk to you again very soon...... Maybe on the phone ;-) ............ I will contact you with any further validations from our reading. It feels like we could go on talking forever.

Candis: I'll see if I get any more from him over the next few days and let you know. Thank you for working with me, and hi to your Mom.

Amberly: Thanks, she says hello too.... Please let me know if you get ANYTHING... anything at all!!

Candis: OK, take care and good-night.

Amberly: Good night...

Session Close: Mon Mar 22 21:27:53 2004

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