In Loving Memory of Bryan Raymond Burch

Transcript of Reading by Medium Candis Coffee, March 17, 2004

Eternal Flame Bryan R. Burch Eternal Flame

March 17, 1980 - January 9, 2004

The following transcript is the exact copy of a reading done on the internet with Candis Coffee on Wednesday night, March 17, 2004. Candis had never met any of us, did not know who had passed or anything about Bryan whatsoever. For all she knew, it could have been a spouse, parent, grandparent or anyone at all ... we did not tell her we were trying to connect with anyone specific or that we had lost a son.

We were in a private chatroom on the internet and Candis and Kathy were present. Mike was with me for the first half because his father was coming through and I needed him for validation. Candis' comments will be in blue, our responses or comments will be in green, and side notes (validations or clarifications) will be in parentheses or in brown. These side notes will be for the purpose of clarifying or validating the comments being made.


After introductions, this is the transcript of the reading with Candis Coffee on March 17th, 2004 (edited for ease of reading):

Candis: Kathy, earlier tonight and again now, though it is a bit more subtle, I have felt that a man is here with us. Very very loving, strong presence

Kathy: Yes, that would be correct, very strong!

Candis: Like he just wants to leap through the moniter and grab you for a big kiss

Kathy: Oh, God! I want that too!

Candis: I get a big picture of a wedding ring. It looks like four or five diamonds.

Kathy: No ... not mine ...

Candis: Ok, well it has a pinkish tinge. It might be a dinner ring.

Kathy: I have another ring on with five stones ... could that be it?

Candis: Yes, could be ... this image is very strong

Kathy: They aren't diamonds but different stones ... one aqua, two red and two diamonds.

Candis: That might give the over all pinkish tinge that I see. To me, it looks like the kind of ring that would be placed on a woman's finger, along with an engagement ring.

Kathy: I have it on a the same finger as a large diamond ring that looks like and engagement ring but isn't ... it was just a gift from my hubby

Candis: That might be the easiest way this man had of sending the word to you for validation. This is what has been a bit confusing to me ... I feel two kinds of energy here

Kathy: Ok

Candis: Because it is floating in the air before me, this image, and has been with me for a few hours. Does it have a connection to this man?

Kathy: Strange ... my husband is still alive. The ring you are describing does have a connection to him (the man, not my husband. It is a mother‘s ring. I emailed Candis a picture of it the next day and she confirmed it was exactly what she was seeing).

Candis: By the way, have you worked much with mediums?

Kathy: We have had two other readings but that's all. I have read a lot and watched John Edward

Candis: I just want to let you know that I have been away from mediumship for a long time and that's why I'm easing myself back into the work. Are you willing to relax with me and just see what happens?

Kathy: S ure. Can you ask him a question?

Candis: Of course … Here's the thing …

Kathy: One month ago tonight we had our first reading and we were given the name Candy or Candace. We knew of no one by that name. Could he have been leading us to you? I was hoping you could ask him.

Candis: Maybe so! How was the name given to you?

Kathy: The medium said "is there a Candy or Candace?" And we said no because at that time there was not but we felt he lead us to your site

Candis: Oh ok, but first I want to get as much validation as we can.

Kathy: Ok ...

Candis: This man gives two kinds of feelings. There is Dad energy, but also a young, frisky energy. The love for you is so powerful

Kathy: Could there be two there?

Candis: Well, yes, absolutely

Kathy: Because both of those make sense

Candis: I've felt this since early this evening while I was with my Mom

Kathy: Really?

Candis: So, there are two wanting to come in

Kathy: OMG! That's wonderful!

Candis: I was probably mixing up the feelings, so I wondered if I had perhaps a husband and father in one person

Kathy: That's understandable

Candis: I keep hearing either a Dan, Dana, or Davis.

Kathy: Not that I can think of at the moment (The following day I found out that this was more than likely my Uncle Dane, my mother Mary's brother, who passed when I was a toddler from lung cancer. Mediums refer to this as a "me too!" interruption where another spirit who had the same ailment will come through. Dane and my father-in-law both passed from lung cancer.)

Candis: And I get something about the lungs

Kathy: Yes .. the lungs are a big YES for the older man

Candis: Problem with the lungs, I hear lung cancer

Kathy: Right on

Candis: Now, do you have any connection to the town of Davis, CA?

Kathy: Not that I can think of … we lived in L.A. years ago

Candis: That was a reach for me, just thought I'd ask, because the word is strong, Davis

Kathy: I'll remember that

Candis: "We love you, honey." (I can still hear my Uncle Dane saying this to me when I was a child! This confirms to me that this was who is was ... because I was focusing on my father-in-law and because Dane passed so long ago, I totally didn't think of him at the time of the reading.)

Kathy: Awww ... I love them too!

Candis: Darn it, their presence doesn't feel as strong now, as it did a bit earlier. It might be because I'm pretty pooped. I want to stay with it but I might have to sit back and see if I can feel a stronger connection

Kathy: Ok ... can you tell him happy birthday for me?

Candis: I keep hearing the letters "Mar" … could be March or marriage or the beginning of a name

Kathy: Ok ... like as in Mary?

Candis: Today, let's see, is March 17th?

Kathy: Yes

Candis: I don't think he is simply referring to this month, but maybe. I feel that it is very close to Mary (I believe this was Uncle Dane referring to my mom, his sister)

Kathy: Mary is my mother's name and my middle name

Candis: And that may be why I was carrying it toward Marriage ... because I was also seeing that ring. All these images and sounds were coming to me quite a bit earlier, as I said while I was with my Mom. VERY strong energy

Kathy: That's neat

Candis: Very loving and physical! Honestly, like he would be there in a flash if he could, physically

Kathy: I know he would ...

Candis: One moment . . . Feels like both parents are in spirit.

Kathy: Yes .. both of my in-laws

Candis: Feels like he says "Mary is right here beside me."

Kathy: No, Mary is still here. Mary is my mom ... I was very close to my father-in-law

Candis: OK, that seems like my mistake in interpreting his words. He keeps showing me a shoe. A brown shoe, like a loafer

Kathy: The older man?

Candis: Let me see, but before . . . he says, "We trust you to always be good to each other." I hear the word or name "pop"

Kathy: Ok

Candis: The older man shows me the shoe (my sister-in-law confirmed that he wore brown moccassins all the time)

Kathy: Ok ...

Candis: It looks like an old fashioned sort of shoe, like a loafer he says, size seven . . . don't know why . . . left foot (And this could be another "me too" from my grandfather Phil who wore a size 7 and wore slippers all the time. I think Bryan was having a birthday party in heaven!)

Kathy: That's funny ... I'm sure he was bigger than that! LOL

Candis: I hear Larry or Laurence . . . La sound

Kathy: I'm thinking but I don't think so (could be referring to L..A. where we lived)

Candis: But I also hear the word Vernon, and it feels like a place, like Vernon, CA

Kathy: OMG ... yes! My husband used to work there!

Candis: Well, he also said "Lawrence of Arabia". He might be simply referring to the movie ... like he might have liked to see himself that way. . . in kind of a joking way (On Friday we learned of an amazing validation for this movie reference. My niece, Kim, just watched this movie the same night as this reading! She recently married a wonderful man who is Arabic and he wanted her to see the movie to see where he was from, so they just watched it! My father-in-law was letting them know that he was there with them and is aware of her marriage. What a great way to know her Grandpa is watching her from heaven and sharing in her new life!)

Kathy: Maybe so! LOL

Candis: I also hear the name Paul, P sound (we know of two Pauls crossed over ... Bryan's great-grandfather on dad's size and a younger family friend who died of a heroin overdose last year)

Kathy: Ok .. we know of a few Pauls so I would need to know more ....

Candis: Ok, let me see. The month of July is important to the older man. July 2 it feels (both Amberly and Cris have birthdays in July)

Kathy: My daughter's birthday!

Candis: Good! He says something about WWII

Kathy: Yes ... he was a veteran

Candis: He seems to have strong feelings about Reds or Commies

Kathy: Not sure about that one .....

Candis: Feels like he was in action, near explosives, guns, that sort of thing, involved

Kathy: He never talked about it but he was overseas so probably

Candis: Does one of the Pauls you know have a son in spirit? Or grandson?

Kathy: Great-grandson (this would be referring to Joe, his great-grandson who passed a few years ago)

Candis: He is around your Father-in-law

Kathy: Paul? Or the great grandson?

Candis: The grandson

Kathy: Ok ... that makes sense

Candis: He shows me a room in your house with a window that gets a lot of pretty light. He loved light

Kathy: Yes ...

Candis: The feel of it and warmth on his face. I don't get his name, I keep asking. Do you have any questions? The other male has stepped back, at least for now.

Kathy: Ok ...

Candis: See if he liked the movie Lawrence of Arabia, because he says T.E. Lawrence when I ask his name. He's kidding with me but I am trying to get validation. Thomas?

Kathy: No ...

Candis: I believe that is what T stands for in T.E.

Kathy: Ok . . . (Mike wanted to ask the next question) Is he with Grandma Slocum and cousin Steve?

Candis: He says that he was vibrant and alive

Kathy: Yes, he was

Candis: That the 60's was his time. Hold on . . . I think he means the 1960's . . . a time of vibrancy

Kathy: Right, that's what I thought too

Candis: Getting things done . . . one moment. . . his energy has changed, become more serious. It's like he doesn't want to kid around about these two people

Kathy: Which two people? Oh ... Grandma and Steve

Candis: Yes . . . Grandma Slocum is with horses and nature

Kathy: Ok

Candis: Did she like horses?

Kathy: Not sure ...

Candis: It feels like she spends a lot of time in spirit, on her own, very strong and healthy, as if she's making up for lost time in this dimension, doing what she wants now. He is very respectful of her and serious as I ask about her

Kathy: That would be true

Candis: Now for Steve . . . Great love for Steve

Kathy: Yes

Candis: "He's here with me."

Kathy: Super!

Candis: "We're fine." I still get a Pa name . . . maybe a reference to St. Patrick's Day or the name Patrick or Patricia

Kathy: Could it be the abbreviation Pa.?

Candis: Sure

Kathy: We live in Pa.

Candis: Ok, well I kept getting Pa and chose to interpret it as a name . . . that's why I'm easing back into mediumship ;)

Kathy: :-)

Candis: "Mama and I love you. We watch over you every day. We miss you."

Kathy: We miss them too

Candis: "God is alive and well."

Kathy: :-)

Candis: Now, the other man felt quite a bit younger

Kathy: Yes, he was. Is he back?

Candis: Well, the energy is very very subtle. I'm just sitting back and seeing

Kathy: Tell him to come back! LOL ... it's his birthday today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Candis: Is there an Andy or Andrew?

Kathy: We know of an Andrew, yes. (Andrew was the son of Mike's sister, Sherry's, best friend. He died a few years ago the same way as Bryan ... heroin overdose)

Candis: Hmmm, the name just came to me as connected to this younger man in some way, it felt pretty strong

Kathy: Ok ... I think I can understand the connection if it is the Andrew I am thinking of

Candis: Now, Kathy, you do know that he is fully aware of your feelings and your desire to connect on this special day, without my help? That he can hear you and see you

Kathy: Yes, I would imagine he would be

Candis: Just so you can enjoy this night. The work with me is helpful, I hope, but he is here with you, just beside you, right now

Kathy: Awwww

Candis: Feels like he had some dark days (I think at this point we might be switching to Joe, Bryan's cousin)

Kathy: Yes, he did

Candis: Feels like he loved the night sky, the constellation Orion

Kathy: He probably did

Candis: And the Pleidades (misspelled that). He was overtaken by something, like Orion the might hunter was overtaken by Taurus the bull, in the night sky. He was lost

Kathy: Yes, he was

Candis: Sublime is the word for his experience now … cool breezes … lots of love and affection in his world -- that's the energy of his experience, as if he is being constantly loved

Kathy: He sure is! By many!

Candis: He's saying Jazz . . . Music . . . I hear both Jazz and Rock . . . there's music in his life (Joe's brother-in-law is plays the saxophone and is a musician)

Kathy: Sounds about right

Candis: He loved the "beat"

Kathy: Yes, his car stereo could be heard a mile away! LOL (my comment thinking we were still talking to Bryan ... it wasn't till later that we connected some of this to Joe)

Candis: Too much sorrow with Mom, awash with it too many days

Kathy: True

Candis: He's more interested in Jazz now . . . softer

Kathy: LOL

Candis: Was he friends with a gay man or was there a gay connection?

Kathy: Not that I'm aware of!

Candis: Well, I only ask because I keep seeing this man I once knew named Andy, who was a very successful producer in Hollywood. He died recently. He was gay, and I just keep hearing his last name, Keuhne, which is pronounced Keen

Kathy: Hmmmm.... I can't think of any connection there (A few days later, Joe had a girlfriend with the last name Keen that we didn't know at the time of the reading, so this confirms that it was Joe coming through here)

Candis: So I thought he might have known someone like the Andy I knew . . . a younger version. Maybe Andy's trying to come in!

Kathy: Well, I didn't know all of his friends, but I don't think he knew anyone who was gay. Maybe it is Andy!

Candis: Andy, we'll get together another time!

Kathy: LOL

Candis: One moment. For some reason, it might be the name, Keen, that is the connection, but I'm not sure why

Kathy: I'll remember that

Candis: His death could be perceived as a tragedy

Kathy: Yes, it definitely was

Candis: Now I smell beer for just a sec … very interesting … it was just the most fleeting scent … here and gone

Kathy: LOL

Candis: I'm asking him for validations

Kathy: Ok

Candis: He feels that he was trouble

Kathy: I know he feels that but it wasn't his fault and we understood totally

Candis: I do keep smelling beer

Kathy: That's funny ... he and his friends did like to party

Candis: That may be why I see my Andy too. He loved to throw parties

Kathy: ;-)

Candis: He says that it's best this way. He feels he has a purpose now, an objective (this seems like Bryan again ... he has said this same thing in other readings)

Kathy: OMG, he told someone else that exact thing!

Candis: Good!

Candis: "I walked alone in life, no matter how it seemed."

Kathy: Really??

Candis: "I was a puzzle to myself"

Kathy: I believe I know what he means by that ....

Candis: I keep hearing/seeing something about Harrison Ford, the movies, the adventurer (Bryan's cousin, Kelly, called me to tell me that she knew EXACTLY what Bryan was referring to here. She says that when she, Cris and Bryan were children, they always played Indiana Jones make-believe when they were together and, naturally, Bryan always played Harrison Ford's character, Indiana Jones! She immediately knew this is what he was talking about. She says that even as adults, they would frequently reminisce about the fun they had as children playing this game.)

Kathy: Ok

Candis: He keeps saying something about being crippled … some way … Indiana Jones (I believe that, in retrospect, Bryan was making reference here to Cris' recent knee surgery. Cris has been on crutches and wearing a leg brace since March 8, and I believe that Bryan is making reference to that here.)

Kathy: Indiana Jones wasn't crippled ...... LOL

Candis: No, lol I was jumping around. But I think in some way, that's the thing … That Indiana Jones wasn't crippled at all

Kathy: Ok ... he wasn't physically crippled but I think I know how to interpret that

Candis: That's kind of the point

Kathy: Ok ... got it

Candis: Now, I'm not getting a name again although I do hear a J sound (Candis later told us she was hearing the name Joe but discredited it because she had a Joe come through in an earlier reading)

Kathy: OMG ... does the crippled thing have to be about him?

Candis: Well...

Kathy: Or could he be talking about someone else?

Candis: Let me see … both … inside and outside . . . . But there is a feeling of a male with a J name

Kathy: Yes, he has a friend with a J name . . . best friend actually (but this could be referring to Joe which we weren't thinking of at the time of the reading)

Candis: Let me ask him for some clarity. "I wanted to be like Indiana Jones seemed. I was crippled inside. Too sensitive. Melted like butter."

Kathy: Cool ... that sounds like him.

Candis: As for the J --- "I'm watching out for him." (this was Bryan referring to his best friend Jason)

Kathy: OMG .. that's amazing!

Candis: Do you have any questions?

Kathy: Is he going to give his brother some signs or a visit? or does he have a message for him?

Candis: He's moving toward you now, to take your hands and dance

Kathy: Awwww......

Candis: "I've got you under my skin." (Singing)

Kathy: LOL ... awwww

Candis: He's another kidder

Kathy: Oh, yes, he is

Candis: I felt that I was too much in my own head just now and I said to him, "I'm sorry I'm not better at this," and he said "Aw, give me a break!"

Kathy: LOL ... that is too funny!

Candis: Like let's leave the pity party now. Does he in any way resemble the actor Adrian Brody? Because I keep seeing him and hearing his New Yorkish accent

Kathy: No, not to me, but maybe personality wise. He would put on accents, so maybe that's it

Candis: He says he was just showing me that in order to allow me to get a feel for him, a kind of toughness that he seems to want to express … tough and sensitive, smart, doesn't mess around

Kathy: But melts like butter ... LOL

Candis: Right

Kathy: He's not fooling anybody!

Candis: He says that he was just playing

Kathy: He's such a nut

Candis: Let me get back to your question

Kathy: Ok

Candis: i keep seeing a basketball

Candis: In the corner of a room

Kathy: OMG ... yes

Candis: He'll see if he can move it somewhere else sometime . . . that will be a sign . . . but he asks that his brother write to him

Kathy: They spent a lot of time playing basketball together but I'm not sure about the corner of a room part.

Candis: Then I might have misintrepted that

Kathy: Are you saying that the ball itself is in a corner of a room somewhere and that he will move it?

Candis: That's what I thought

Kathy: Ok ... that might be true

Candis: This might be closer to what he means … he simply referred to love of basketball, and he says that the writing is a connection

Kathy: His brother DID write to him right after he passed ... could he have been referring to that?

Candis: He showed me a young man writing to him

Kathy: Ok ... now I know exactly what he was referring to! That's great! (Cris wrote a letter to Bryan that he put in his casket with him)

Candis: But I think he wants to try to apport something for his brother to see. You know what I mean? Move things around

Kathy: Ok ... that would be super

Candis: I thought he meant the basketball, but he might not have meant to take it that far … is there a paperweight in his brother's room? Something glass and heavy

Kathy: Not sure ... he's away at college so I can't say for sure what's in his room. I can pass along any message though and he can figure it out

Candis: Well, I see a desk and a heavy glass or rock object on the desk or writing table

Kathy: There is a desk ... I can find out about the other

Candis: He'll try to move things around in some way his brother will recognize

Kathy: Ok ... I'll let him know

Candis: He keeps saying, "I was banged up."

Kathy: Banged up?

Candis: Yes,

Kathy: Like hurt?

Candis: Yes

Kathy: Hmmm .....

Candis: Bruised

Kathy: Does he say when? Could he mean his brother was bruised?

Candis: I feel that he means that he was hurt by the system, modernity. I know that sounds weird

Kathy: Ok, in that sense, yes. Physically, I couldn't relate to it

Candis: He says he has a guru now

Kathy: Really?

Candis: I think he's kind of teasing. That he is being guided. He'll apport something on his brother's desk or writing area, he wants to say that

Kathy: Ok ... I'll let him know that

Candis: He's happy

Kathy: Tthat's wonderful

Candis: He wishes he'd had more time with you

Kathy: I do too

Candis: I hear the number 22

Kathy: That's his brother's age

Candis: Ok

Candis: "Mom, be sweet."

Kathy: ;-)

Candis: "Heaven's beautiful."

Kathy: I'm so happy for him

Candis: "We live in grace."

Candis: Did he play the piano?

Kathy: Not real well but yes he played around with it

Candis: I feel that he is very focused on things now. He doesn't play around much these days

Kathy: I believe that he is, too

Candis: In a good way, I mean

Kathy: I know ... he has a mission now, a purpose as you said

Candis: Yes, I think he's going to guide people here, help people here

Kathy: Yes, we feel that also

Candis: He's at peace.

Kathy: ;-)

Candis: Laughter … Sit one day and have some milk and cookies … he'll join you (we used to do that when he was alive)

Kathy: LOL ok!

Candis: Kathy, he has a birthday cake, and he's looking at the glowing candles. He thanks you. I think that is going to be all for tonight, from these guys

Kathy: We had a birthday cake for him on Sunday and he made one of the candles relight several times. We love him

Candis: That's wonderful! You won't believe me when I say this

Kathy: ?? What?

Candis: But my first image was of him blowing out his birthday candles then they relight like in gag candles

Kathy: Oh wow!

Candis: Darn it, I should have said it

Kathy: LOL ... I believe you

Candis: But I wasn't sure if it was me or him, that image

Kathy: That's funny

Candis: He's a great person. Both of these men are deeply loving people.

Kathy: Thank you ... he is a great person and both my father-in-law and he are very, very loving.

Candis: Do you feel their presence? Have you, through the evening?

Kathy: I haven't felt my father-in-law, but I have felt my son

Candis: Because that is what is truly meaningful

Kathy: But I always feel him ....

Candis: That's because they are literally very close to us. The world they live in is superimposed on our own.

Kathy: Yes, it's been a truly amazing experience for us all

Candis: I wish we could keep people we love with us, but often their passing deepens our lives if we allow it to.

Kathy: That's certainly been the case here ... is their energy gone now?

Candis: Not entirely. From me that is

Kathy: Yes, I mean from our reading

Candis: Their energy is there with you right now

Kathy: Ok ... that's what I wondered.

Candis: Well, I feel a stepping back from me, though not entirely. Do you have a question? I just want you to know that when they do step away from me, it doesn't mean they are stepping back from you.

Kathy: Can you ask him if we got the 867 message correct?

Candis: Let me see … He says, "It's for Dad." mostly

Kathy: Ok ... got it

Candis: I left it for him (the question)

Candis: “It's a space where we could connect”

Kathy: Were you the Candace he mentioned last month?

Candis: He says yes, and when you asked about the 867 message, he became very tender, really gentle. He knows how much Dad is hurting

Kathy: Ok ...

Candis: It feels like that message opened up a kind of portal for a bit. Does that make sense?

Kathy: Possibly ... does he want his dad to act on the 867 message?

Candis: I believe he says no, that it's not meant that way

Kathy: Ok ...

Candis: "We're OK, you and me," he says of his Dad

Kathy: That's great

Candis: I just see this circle of energy. This young man and his Dad in it. His Dad looking at something in his hands and perhaps not knowing that this circle exists in that moment

Kathy: What did he mean by "It's a space where we could connect"?

Candis: He wants to create something in which he and his Dad can truly connect from world to world

Kathy: Ok ... I totally understand that

Candis: He'll be with you tonight after you and I say goodbye

Kathy: Oh, I hope so

Candis: Of course, he will be. You know that don't you?

Kathy: Yes, I do

Candis: He's not going to leave just because I sign off

Kathy: I do know that ;-)

Candis: Tonight, as you are going to sleep, go into that special twilight space we all enter just before sleep and talk to him

Kathy: I always do

Candis: Good ... that's a place where we can meet people in spirit. I know it's hard … It's not the same

Kathy: No, it's not, but in so many ways I feel closer to him now than before. I know that sounds weird, but he was dealing with so many demons here that he doesn't have now

Candis: Yes

Kathy: As a mother, I felt his pain. Now I feel his joy. It's absolutely amazing!

Candis: In truth, we are closer in this experience. It is amazing, they can fill us up if we let them

Kathy: Believe me, he is! He's keeping me very busy. Is he still there?

Candis: He's kind of hanging around

Kathy: Can you ask him if any of our old pets who passed are with him?

Candis: And he's still there with you

Kathy: ;-)

Candis: I feel that there is a strong doggy presence … a dog who grew old in life. He looks like an irish setter to me, or a golden retriever. A name that starts with M

Kathy: No, we didn't have any like that that I can remember. We have a yellow lab still living and a cat still living that starts with an M but not passed (We did have a dog, Muffin, that died many years ago. I forgot about her.)

Candis: Ok, he could be just talking about them

Kathy: Especially because both of them are here with me in the room right now

Candis: I see a dog with those eyes that have glaucoma, an old dog in life here, long ears, could be a cocker spaniel

Kathy: She's not that old ... but we have another cat that he loved that has eye problems

Candis: I have a lot of cats and dogs, and earlier, when we first began I felt a reference to them from him and some name like Sam or Samson

Kathy: He loved our animals ... we have several now and some who have passed.

Candis: I may be too tired to hear what he's trying to tell me but most of all I feel a dog with him, leaning against him

Kathy: Sandy is the yellow lab we have ... she mourned his passing for three days and wouldn't eat a bite. She sleeps on his bed when she feels his presence

Candis: Ok, then I'm most likely hearing about the animals with you

Kathy: OMG! Sam or Samson was my parents dog who died and he DID have long floppy ears and looked kind of like a spaniel. I forgot all about him!

Candis: OK, did he have that glaucoma look in his eyes? old dog, very loyal

Kathy: Yes, very old.

Candis: That must be the dog with him now

Kathy: Also, my in-laws had a terrier named Sam ... it could be him too but the terrier passed long before my son came along

Candis: Of course, the dog is no longer old, but is being shown to me that way

Kathy: That's so cool ...

Candis: No, I think it is your parents' dog … they must have some kind of sympatico

Kathy: Tthat will make them very happy

Candis: Well, my eyelids are drooping, Kathy

Kathy: Can you ask him if he lifts Sandy on his bed at night sometimes?

Candis: He says he gives Sandy a boost, a leg-up

Kathy: I knew it! She has arthritis but I find her up on his bed. I knew he was helping her

Candis: He definitely helps her. That's wonderful

Kathy: That's great

Candis: I've enjoyed working with you, Kathy, and your two guys

Kathy: Well, I know you're tired, so I'll let you go. I so appreciate this! It meant the world to me ... to us ...

Candis: I'll send you the log of the session

Kathy: That's super. Thank you SOOOOO much! You were wonderful! I don't think your hiatus hurt your mediumship skills at all.

Candis: Thank you for saying that! I love mediumship. I really do, and I want to be as accurate as I possibly can be.

Kathy: I can tell! You spent way more time than I expected you to ... and I truly appreciate it

Candis: I was glad to do it. Keep in touch --

Kathy: I will ... thanks again. Bryan thanks you as well … he's my son

Candis: Sometimes names are hard to get

Kathy: And sometimes you don't need them ;-)

Candis: And then I tense up if I get it wrong at first

Kathy: The ring in the beginning ... I believe it was a mother's ring that I wear

Candis: Oh, really? It was such a strong image

Kathy: And it's right behind a large diamond ring that looks like an engagement ring ... my husband gave it to me for our 30th anniversary because he couldn't afford a large diamond when we got engaged

Candis: And I was mixing the two energies at first. So it would look like a wedding ring?

Kathy: Yes, since I wear them right together, it can give that impression

Candis: Because I see the stones all in a row, like on a band

Kathy: Yes, there are five stones all in a row. I’ll email you a picture soon

Candis: Ok, good. Well, good-night to you all

Kathy: Good night to you as well. Sweet dreams!

Candis: Same to you. Bye for now

Kathy: Bye!

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